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Do you want to make sure you’re in control of what’s happening under your own roof? Or add an extra safety measure to protect your family? 

TechGuard introduces its multi-purpose and versatile USB charger with Smart Mini Camera to give you and your loved ones 100% safety!

This revolutionary hidden camera is designed to :

  • Ensure unnoticeable surveillance as it can be planted anywhere without a hint

  • Keep you informed at any moment as it broadcasts live through your phone 

  • Let you be vigilant for threats as it starts recording when the motion detectors pick up movement

  • Give you peace of mind when you're not at home for you can easily access the security camera on your phone to check

  • Capture your pets' happy time. Small and compact no one will ever think there's a camera built in it!

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Safety will always be a TOP priority! 

It doesn't have to be just a spy cam! You can also use it to charge your phones or any device that supports USB charging ports! See how its designed to be multi-purpose?

The TechGuard mini USB spy camera 1080P HD image boasts it high-quality lens, providing real-time video of what’s happening in your home. The ultra-wide 140° viewing angle provides an optimal range and enhanced visibility, avoiding dead angles. No need to be worried anymore when you're not home or when you're in the bedroom chilling!

TechGuard helps provide:

100% safety & security of your loved ones at home

100% stealth mode

100% peace of mind!




I absolutely love this product! The quality of picture is great!! Even the set up was very easy to follow, its very slick and unoticeable! So worth it and brilliant! I am going to order more of these!!! 

Michelle Wilson

Completely accessible through the app! I've never felt at ease for a long time!


It's easy to install, the camera is clear and it's easy to carry and it's very satisfying! I'm getting more! This is great wireless spy hidden camera and does everything as advertised. The video resolution is really clear and has sensitive motion detector. Motion detector will catch the movement immediately and push notifications to your phone ,i have never saw any camera like this one, especially it looks really tiny and got so much function on it. I recommended my family and friends to use this camera to protect their house. It's a camera but looks like a cube charger lol.


Worth it & cheaper than CCTV!


Although CCTV still has a vast coverage, this pretty little stuff does more than it's size! Who would think there's a camera in a charger? I bought one to try and I must say, the quality is beyond my expectations also I can now see what's going on in my house on stealth mode! I'll get 4 more and spread them out. Great purchase!

Justin D

Handy & concealable! Loved the concept


I have to say that this is a really handy and concealable camera. It is easy to install and reuse. Every time when I go to work, I can just plug in any power outlet i want without worrying about where to set “the camera“. If u have a doggy at home, u can catch really cute pictures or videos. This is the main reason I bought it.


Very easy to set up


I have purchased two cameras, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. There are many thieves near the house, you can see any situation at home at any time. The invisible camera is very easy to use

Amber Kelly

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Why Choose TechGuard

A built-in hidden camera is perfectly covered in a dual USB charger to make it completely invisible and not noticeable. It's easily accessible by just using the app and voila! Enjoy having a look inside your home from time to time and any time of the day!

People have no idea that there is a hidden camera inside of this little charger. Such a brilliant design.

Thieves are everywhere, but you can easily catch one with this spy cam!

It's designed to give you full surveillance of your home in stealth mode! Stealthier than all the thieves combined!

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TechGuard - USB Charger w/ Smart Mini Camera

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Have Questions? We Have Answers

Do you need an SD card to record video? Do you have the option to press record or schedule times to record from the app?

The answers are yes, yes and no respectively. Yes you need an SD card to record video and yes you have to press record from the app (you cannot record otherwise, unless its on motion detection). And lastly, no, there is no option to schedule recording times. This is a good little recording device and depending on your purpose, this should serve you well. Good luck!

Does the USB port charges phones and other items?

Yes! It's a very good charger.

Do you have to have the app open to record continuously?

No, you just need to insert a Micro SD card in your camera and then set it to continuous recording on the app.


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