Garment Pros - USB Chargeable Lint Remover

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Garment Pros - USB Chargeable Lint Remover

$28.99 $47.99 -40% OFF

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Fed up with trimming your fabric fuzz forever with an inferior shaver? And it still looks like no lint has been removed at all? USB Chargeable Lint Remover takes care of your worries. This easy-to-use lint remover offers quicker, more labor-saving, 70% more efficient than ordinary ones, cleaning out all fuzz in minutes!

This handy USB Chargeable Lint Remover allows you to:

  • Revive those old sweaters and flannels with this effective fuzz remover. 
  • Renew your wardrobe and resurrect its perfection.
  • Remove garment lint balls and wool hairs without damaging any delicate garments with just a quick and simple click of a button.
  • Remain your favorite sweater in perfect condition and as soft as always.

3 Simple Steps To Remove Unwanted Fuzz And Restore Your Clothes To A New Look

Step 1: To use, make sure the lint remover is fully charged or has enough battery to do the process. Charging can be quickly done by using the included USB cable.

Step 2: Simply press the power button to turn on your electric lint remover. This chargeable lint remover is designed with a one-button system for immediate operation.

Step 3: Shave those stubborn pills and fuzz effortlessly, thanks to its upgraded powerful motor system.

You deserve a lint remover that can work non-stop for 120 minutes after a full charge. With the upgraded large-capacity rechargeable batteries, you can renew piles of upholstery and knitwear once and for all.

USB Chargeable Lint Remover helps you to:

- Quickly clean all fuzz with a swipe
- Get quadruple protection for your delicate clothes
- Make your sweaters look new again
- Remove lint the easier way
- A huge time-saver for busy moms



I have a lot of sweaters and some of them were looking kind of shabby with lint balls and those little wool hairs that seem to grow from wool sweaters after a while. I've used one of these shavers before so knew that they work pretty good and this one doesnt disappoint. I've used this shaver to renew most of my sweaters and my sweaters look almost new again. The shaver is battery-operated and rechargeable. It comes with all the cords and accessories needed to use and charge it. I'm pretty happy with the purchase. 

Terra T.


So glad I bought this!

What do I like? So far everything! I have an old afghan blanket my grandmother made for me that was looking a little worn down. I bought this as a way to help me try and restore it. I've now been using it for this project for almost a week now, and I'm amazed at the results. 


Great product overall.

I wear lots of sweaters. After a while, all the sweaters seem to get fuzzy. This sweater shaver works great. It's light, easy to handle, and with just a little effort the fuzz is gone. Excellent overall.

Jockey L.

Easy to use and powerful.

I like the size and ergonomic shape. The shaver is powerful and did not hesitate on the couple of items I used it on. Also, the fact that it is rechargeable is great. I have some items in storage that I can’t wait to get out and try this shaver on them. Hopefully, I will be able to add an update to this review.

Marcell A.

Stronger lint shaver than my old one.

I previously owned a lint shaver to get rid of annoying fuzz balls on my sweatshirts. While that one was sufficient, I was annoyed with how many passes it took for me to shave off the lint balls (it took like 20 minutes per sweatshirt). I'm shockingly impressed. This new one solves that problem - it’s more powerful + the head is larger, so it takes me half the time in comparison. I like how long the charge lasts.

Betty F.

Why Choose This Ultimate Solution To Fabric Fuzz, Dust, And Pet Hair Removal

Now it comes the time of year when you realize that all your sweaters are covered in pills and you have to either buy new sweaters or revive those old sweaters and flannels with an effective fuzz remover. USB Chargeable Lint Remover is designed for any fabric that pills, including sweaters, scarves, bed sheets, blankets, upholstery, etc. Plus, the powerful motor works with sharp blades for great efficient shaving, removing lint like a breeze, no residual fuzz left.

USB Chargeable Lint Remover users have reported a great difference that saves them a lot of work. Nothing easier than this!

You’ll love how easy this USB Chargeable Lint Remover to use while feeling safe that your expensive clothes won’t sustain any long-lasting damage.



Q: Is it safe to use on fine wool and mohair fabrics?

A: It simply shaves off balled up and/or fuzz that starts building up on the surface of sweaters over time. It really can’t do any harm to a sweater.

Q: Will these pull-out threads causing the fabric to become loose or does it only cut or trim the bunch fabric balls?

A: Nope, it definitely doesn't pull out threads. It’s just got the balls and pilling.

Q: Will it damage delicate or thin sweaters?

A: You will have to be careful and have a very light hand on a delicate or thin sweater. It will not damage the fabric as long as you are careful not to press the shaving head into the fabric too firmly.

Q: Does this work on comforters?

A: It works great on comforters, blankets, and sheets. It literally makes cotton blankets and flannel sheets look and feel brand new again! It may take a while to finish but the end result was very much worth the effort! Happy shaving!


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