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TheraBall™ Physiotherapy Heating Vibration Ball is designed to revolutionize your health and well-beign and prevent uncomfortable diseases from getting worse than they are.

This revolutionary system is designed to :

  • Combat arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, joint fatigue, inflammation, stiffness, and more

  • Stimulates the muscles comfortable and promotes better circulation for stiff muscles and wrist joints decreasing inflamation and hand pain

  • Helps you perform complicated hand exercise and improve hand strength

  • Lets you sustain strength in your hands over longer periods of time

  • Small and portable for everyday treatment

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Are you suffering from hand stiffness? Or what could be worse are… arthritis, carpal tunnel, joint fatigue, inflammation, or tendonitis?  As we get older, we start to be more prone to these kinds of diseases. 

The Theraball physiotherapy kit provides gentle vibration and therapeutic heat throughout your hands and wrist and stimulates the muscles, relieves pain, eases soreness, and allows more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to be delivered to the injured tissues.

Theraball helps alleviate:


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

Trigger Finger 

Cold Hands 


Strain injury 





I work with my hand all day, and my hand is my tool. At the end of the day, they're tired and the next morning, it is puffy that I cannot even make a fist. So I decided to buy a hand massage machine to help to relax them. After using it for a month, my hands get so much better. My finger is back to normal. I like how the machine uses heat and vibration to release tension, tightness of the muscle which increases blood flow. Really great machine. Thanks.

Jeff C.

Totally helped my brother-in-law recover from stroke


My brother-in law had a stroke 6 years ago, his fingers are closed into a fist-he wears a brace trying to keep them open. I bought the ball for my husband who also had a stroke 6 months ago, but tried it on brother-in laws hand-it opened his hand right up after only 15 minutes of use and it stayed open for 7 hours! Ordered a second one for him immediately. Husband has not had such drastic results, but we use it 3 times a day.


Worth it & cheaper than my Chiro bills!


Awesome item for my hand since it’s been out of commission when I had my stroke my chiropractor knew that I’m using this & he approves. My hand is going back to normal now after consistent use thanks

John D.

Brilliant invention! Loved the concept


This is a great device to get the hands mobilized. It vibrates to stimulate the hands and also heats up so the hands can actually feel the heat. I believe this device helps in people who have had a stroke or similar illness. It is a one of a kind product 


Massage and heat features are nice, great for someone that had a stroke for the blood circulation.


Bought this for my father who survived a stroke 20 years ago, right palm is always tensed and curled. First day out the box and after 30 minutes, his palm and fingers were relaxed and able to be stretched. He absolutely loves it, although he needs help attaching the velcro strips through each finger, it worked day 1. Really hope the product lasts a good time.

E. Peterson

  • Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Why Choose TheraBall™

Chiropractors can be really expensive. The good news is you don't need a Chiro to treat your hand pain that can actually spread throughout your upper body.   TheraBall™ gives you the same relief you spend a lot of money on for just an affordable price.

Theraball users have reported an immense decrease in inflammation and hand pain.

Its infrared & heating features help increase blood circulation within the hands, allowing more blood, oxygen and nutrients in. 

Choose Your TheraBall Kit
  • Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Have Questions? We Have Answers

Does it fit any size of hands? Does it work for both hands?

Yes, it fits all hand sizes & universal - works for both hands.

Is this only limited for old people? How about kids and adults?

No matter the age, this electric hand massager works great with people who suffer from a stroke or poor mobility in their hands.

Does it help extend the fingers?

Yes, it helps straighten fingers, and it can allow you to form a grip and open up the fingers. It gets warm so the hands can feel the warmth and promote feelings through the fingers and hand.


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