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Can't Go Out & Eat Some Sushi?Make Amazing Sushi Dinner At Home Easily And Fast!

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  4.7 / 4,376 reviews

Can't Go Out & Eat Some Sushi?Make Amazing Sushi Dinner At Home Easily And Fast!

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  4.7 / 4,376 reviews

Now, you can make your own delicious Japanese style or English style sushi at home with this Sushi Making Kit. You will be able to create all shapes and sizes that you can ever imagine. 

Everything you need to make delicious sushi rolls is now in Foodgenics all-in-one kit.

It is a game changer in your kitchen and here's why...

  • It ensures you have an all-in-one solution to make healthy and nutritious sushi at home./

  • Caters perfectly for home cooking, picnics and other outdoor activities

  • The utensils are made of plastic which makes it easy to use and clean. 

  • Lets you experiment with new food preparation techniques with its different shape moulds

  • And... it brings out the frustrated japanese chef in you!

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Satisfy your cravings for sushi in a healthy way! Here's how...

Make Your Own Sushi At Home

Foodgenics Sushi Making Kit is the latest kit for preparing sushi. No need for any skill or experience, you can start making sushi like an absolute proand satisfy your loved ones' tastes for this Japanese dish!

Our diverse tools allow for quick and easy rolling, cutting and serving. Now, you can serve your sushi in style with a taste that is close to the best Japanese restaurants you’ve been to! No worries about the cleanup. It would definitely be stress-free!

Foodgenics Sushi Making Kit helps you:

- Make sushi like the best Japanese chef in the world

- Choose the size of your sushi and create one the easy way

- Play and have fun with your family or friends while sushi making

- Worry no more about the messy aftermath!



More reasons to love this kit...

Learn just how easy it is to roll, cut and serve sushi far from how difficult and challenging you expected it to be. It has all the tools you need to turn pro overnight!

If you're craving for Japanese sushi but can't go out, it's now easy to get that sushi fix in the comfort of your own home!

With its four shaping moulds, turn your food into art and your bonding with friends and family a fun and memorable one.

All you need to turn rice and fish into a professionally-rolled sushi is by...

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Have Questions? We Have Answers

How do you roll this before putting it in the mold?

You put the seaweed sheet in the base part of the mold first, fill it with the sushi ingredients of your choice, then close the sheet while still in the mold and wet the seaweed sheet while closing it and use the top part of the mold to press down on it and tighten it and it molds it into the shape you choose (heart, circle, square, etc.)

Do you have to use seaweed with this or can you use just rice?

You can use just rice but make sure it's very sticky.

How many shaping molds per kit has?

Four - round, heart-shaped, triangle, and square.

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