Your Dog Urine Problems SOLVED – GUARANTEED!

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  4.7 / 4,376 reviews

Your Dog Urine Problems SOLVED – GUARANTEED!

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  4.7 / 4,376 reviews

Say goodbye to a smelly room! PupCare Reusable Pee Pad is designed to eliminate odor caused by dog urine and provide maximum comfort to your fur pets. 

This AMAZING Reusable Dog Pee Pad:

  • Provides ultimate comfort to pets with its four absorbent layers of protection that can be used for training, travel, or anytime your dog needs an extra layer of comfort from the ground!

  • Protects furniture and car seats, a great option for pet parents who want to protect their furniture, floors, and car seats.

  • Saves you from buying endless disposable pads, thus 100% eco-friendly!

  • Ensures odor will not bother your and your visitors anymore because these odor-repellent pads can be washed and reused as many times as needed.

  • Comes with a soft surface to make your pup feel cozy while sleeping or training, making it easier to help potty train them in a safe environment.

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HOW PupCare Pee Pad Solves Your Dog Urine Problem?

Now you can bring the heat whereever you are

PupCare Reusable Puppy Pad has four layers that work together to prevent leakage and trap odors. Its soft and comfy texture makes your pet use it naturally. The soft material and distinct pattern help your dog recognize the pad.


Training might be required for your pet to actually pee on it. If your dog is still a puppy, there are various ways to train her. The most popular method is to anticipate when your puppy needs to potty (normally 5-20 minutes after a meal) and place her on the pad. After she’s done her potty on the pad successfully, reward her with a treat. Use positive gestures to cheer your dog. Place the pad in the corner where your pet can easily locate it. After a couple of repetitions, your puppy should know how to use the pad by herself.

Use it at home to avoid urine odors. Use it inside your car to protect your car seats. Use it for pet transport. Use it wherever you and your pet go.

Reusable Puppy Pad gives you:

- A Clean House

- A Clean Car

- A Happy And Healthy Furry Buddy



Why Choose PupCare Reusable Dog Pee Pad

Fun Fact: Buying 1 PupCare Pee Pad helps you save more than 200 sheets of disposable pads!

Since this Reusable Puppy Pad is washable and can be reused as many times as needed, this means that you can SAVE MONEY from buying disposable pads over and over again.

With its four absorbent layers of protection, it won’t leak wherever you put it so you can be assured that your furniture, floors, and car seats are protected!

This is also the perfect product for potty training, sleeping, and traveling with your pet

This amazing product is also great at retaining odor so you can now say goodbye to a smelly room! 

Rest assured that this MUST-HAVE item will definitely change the way you rock as a fur parent!

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Have Questions?

Can these be used for cats and other pets?

Yes! You can use it for any of your furry pets.

Can hair & dirt stick to the pad?

No it won’t stick to the pad. Our product has a soft texture which makes fur easy to brush off.

Does pee soak in right away or sit on the surface?

The pee will soak in right away, preventing pee marks on the floor or huge pee puddles that we don’t want to step on.

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