Commit2Fit - Pedal Resistance Band

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Commit2Fit - Pedal Resistance Band

$27.99 $46.99 -41% OFF

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BUY 1 Pc - Save 40% Buy 2 Pcs - Save 50% - Most Popular Buy 3 Pcs - Save 60% - BEST VALUE DEAL

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How You Can Become A Fitness Savage Without Going to The Gym

Are you laser-focused, 100% determined to achieve your body goals this year? Unlike traveling, this is something you can control even during pandemic. No need to stress over catching anything from the gym because you can now achieve a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home.

What’s more interesting is… it’s just a band, but it does a lot!

With this Pedal Resistance Band, your dream for a beautiful body is now within your reach!

Here are the top 3 benefits of using Commit2Fit’s Pedal Resistance Band:

  • Tones up and shapes every muscle in your body - arms, waist, legs, shoulders, you name it!
  • Improves your posture with its perfectly designed resistance bands with elastic pull ropes. This is crucial especially if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, or slouch a lot, and whatnots.
  • It’s portable and made of lightweight material. You can use this whether you are in the comfort of your home, hotel room, office, or even outdoors.

Did you know that by using this for just 20 minutes a day in 30 days, you can already see the BIG difference in your body? 



Waist Fat Training

  1. Sit on your yoga mat then put your feet flat on the pedals. 
  2. After, hold the handle with both hands and use your waist strength to lie flat on the yoga mat. 
  3. Lift your head and shoulder blades from the ground then return to your starting point.
  4. Repeat the process several times to effectively reduce waist fat.

Shoulder Flexibility Training

  1. Stand upright and place your two feet in the pedal. 
  2. Then, hold the handle with both hands and pull it up and down firmly. 
  3. Repeat as many times as you want. This helps increase the flexibility of your shoulders and helps prevent stiffness and pain in your shoulder joint.

Hand and Arm Training

  1. Sit on a chair then place your feet in the pedal with your legs forward.
  2. Next, bend your legs to 90 degrees, then hold the arm with your hand and pull it back and forth with even force. 
  3. Hold the tensioner with your palm up to exercise the muscles inside the arm. This will tone your arms fast.

Leg Muscles, Butt, and Waist Training

  1. Lie flat on the yoga mat then hold the handle of the puller with both hands.
  2. After, put your feet on the pedals and press your legs forward then backward.
  3. Repeat the movement as many times as you want. This can effectively exercise the leg muscles, butt, and waist which will help you have the body that you desire!





It is great and I feel that I can get a full-body workout with one piece of equipment without spending a lot.
Erin Wynn 
This product was easy to use and works as described. I use it to help me with doing sit-ups. I have not yet tried it for my arms, but I know once I start some arm routines it will work just fine. My six-year-old daughter likes to try to use it for me as well. Also purple is my favorite color so that was a plus!
I love this product! It makes exercising so easy! It is lightweight and very portable!
Phoebe L
It is very convenient and light to use, and does not take up space. It works out a lot of body parts and other muscle groups too.
Got the products. Bought these for me and my friend. It is amazing - so lightweight but so far looks like it’s gonna be super helpful in my daily workout routine.


Still Not Convinced? Here’s Why Pedal Resistance Band Is The BEST Fitness Tool

If you want an EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT way of achieving your “Body Goals” or “Fitness Goals”, then you don’t have to actually spend a lot.

Instead of buying expensive equipment to have a good workout, why not just buy the RIGHT EQUIPMENT

This excellent tool helps you:

  • reduce twice your calories than usual sit-ups
  • improve your posture and increase the flexibility of your shoulders
  • trim your tummy, tone and shape your arms, legs, and butt
  • feel better and be healthier

With Pedal Resistance Band, you can RESTORE YOUR CONFIDENCE and bring out that SUPERMODEL in YOU!




Have Questions? We have answers!

Q: What exercises can we do with this band?

A: You can do a lot of exercises with this band. You can do waist, butt, shoulder, leg, and arms training.

Q: Is it helpful to reduce belly fat and lose weight?

A: Yes, it does help! By using it consistently on different body training, you can surely achieve your body goals.

Q: Do you have to put it together?

A: There is no assembly required for you to use this fitness band. After receiving your Pedal Resistance Band, you can automatically use this without any hassle of assembling it.


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