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Approved by Chiropractors, we introduce the #1 solution to relieve neck pain, MetroMassage™ - Orthopedic Neck Pillow.

This revolutionary system is designed to :

  • Reduce stress and tension effectively

  • Stabilize and support your spine to re-establish your body's natural posture

  • Increase blood flow to your brain, neck muscles, and shoulders

  • Reduce soreness and increases the range of motion in your upper body

  • Be portable and easy to use anywhere & anytime for everyday relief

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A stiff neck typically is the result of muscles weakening over time from poor posture or misuse whilst cervical radiculopathy happens when a nerve root in the cervical spine becomes inflamed or damaged, resulting in a change in neurological function.

Failure to treat this will result to long-term pain and nerve damage. 

MetroMassage™ - Orthopedic Neck Pillow is the perfect pain reliever for neck pain in just 10 minutes! With its S-type physical elastic traction, it relieves muscle, ligament, and nerve plexus pressure with consistent use.

It is the personal chiropractorfor thousands of people worldwide! Resting on it daily guarantees a healthy neck and relaxed mood throughout the day.

MetroMassage™ helps alleviate:

Neck and Shoulder Pain 

Muscle Stiffness

Poor Posture

Headaches and Migraines

Stress and Tension! 




So happy & satified with MetroMassage. These guys are the real deal. I highly recommend if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer or on a phone. This has helped me and my husband tremendously during lockdown, while sitting all day in front of the computer. Just got another one!

Joan W.

Best decision! So sturdy and easy to use!


I was surprised at how sturdy this was. I was having debilitating headaches from poor posture and tmj dysfunction. After one use, I was much more comfortable. I'm amazed!

Jess B.

No more migraines. so effective


I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! So much in fact this is the second one I bought. I bought one for my elderly father as well. We both suffer from excruciating migraines. Since using this I have had less frequent headaches and so has he. When I feel a really bad one coming on I take my medication and grab this and within 10 to 15 minutes the headache is either gone or I am getting relief. This is my "miracle find" that I just took a chance on one night looking on Amazon and thought why not this looks crazy enough to work!! I do not regret it and would totally recommend it!!

Madeline G.

Concave/strong traction is so great!


This device is subtle. Whereas some therapeutic "toys" sort of shout their relief, I think of actively rolling atop a foam roller and cracking some troublesome vertebrae, with this device you lay still and let gravity slowly work the relief. For me, the convex/gentle option yields no feeling; the concave/strong traction option is great. However, because the base slips (at least on berber carpet), the Relaxer wants and insists on sliding down until it seats against the shoulders. Thus there is one position in which you can let it take your weight without slipping further. That said, when you do let it take your weight and lay still with your head 1-2" off the floor, you slowly realize how well it supplies traction relief. This is a very "quiet" "body toy"‚ and a great addition to a body management toolset.

Charlotte A

Comfortable and helped relieved my tension & stress this pandemic


This device was very comfortable to use. The natural stretch in your neck is felt right away. I tend to have stress in my neck and after using this device, I noticed less tension.


  • Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Why Choose MetroMassage™

Neck pain can really be horrible! It stops you from doing the usual activities you used to enjoy. No need to worry anymore!

MetroMassage™ hits the right spot! It knows where to press to ease your spine and recover from all pain points

All the stiffness and tension will be gone after a quick nap with our neck pillow! It leaves you revitalized from the spine upward! It also helps you regain your energy and start being fit and healthy again. 

After resting on our pillow, you'll wake up feeling refreshed and just come out from a spa session! It helps de-stress and makes you ready to face a brand new day.

Why do you need to seek relief from your expensive chiropractorswhen you can get the same relief from this orthopedic neck pillow? No stress!

Choose Your MetroMassage™ Kit
  • Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Have Questions? We Have Answers

Can this be used for more than one ten minute session each day?

Yes, you can use it multi-times each day. But each time, the suggested time is 10 minutes. 

I’m 5’1 and very small framed. I’m in need of something to align my neck and stretch that area. Would this be suitable for me?

Yes, it suitable. It is not the matter of height and neck length. It is the matter of your postures when using it. It is very important to do the postures as instruction shows.

Step 1, Please lay on our neck stretcher on a flat place, such as bed and floor;

Step 2, Bent your knees and put your hands by your head.

Step 3, Your head suspended to stretch the cervical spine by the natural pull of gravity. The stretch force will relax your shoulders.

Step 4, Adjust your breath and enjoy the time of meditation.

This cervical traction device is designed to stretch and realign cervical spine based on gravity and your body weight. When you lay on it, your head will be suspended. And then your neck will be stretched.

What does this product offer that a foam roller couldn’t provide?

This helps with the curve of the neck and is designed for the neck only. Foam roller is used on arms legs back. It also depends on type of foam roller like firmness and size.


We have an iron-clad risk-free guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your product for any reason, you have up to 30 days after receiving your product to contact us and ask for a full refund.

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