Funky Toes - No-Tie Shoelaces

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Funky Toes - No-Tie Shoelaces

$9.99 $11.99 -17% OFF

Choose Your Multicolor Pack And Save

BUY 1 Pack - Save 20% Buy 2 Pack - Save 30% - Most Popular Buy 3 Packs - Save 40% - BEST VALUE DEAL

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Get rid of your old laces and upgrade to the super stylish no-tie shoelaces!

We’ve all been there. You go to tie your shoes, only for the knot to come undone as soon as you start walking. Or maybe it takes you a few minutes just to get them tied in the first place?

With our no-tie shoelaces,, that will never be an issue again.

Funky Toes No-tie Shoelaces are elastic silicone laces that turn any shoe into a slip-on so you never have to tie your sneakers again. 

Here are its funky features…

  • It can be used on almost any type of shoes, including running, walking, basketball, tennis, or even dress shoes! 
  • Provides an easy-to-use comfortable and stylish addition to any shoe.
  • Gives a consistent snug fit throughout your day and during workouts without having to worry about retying them every few minutes! 
  • It’s also great for people with disabilities and those who have trouble bending over or reaching down to tie their shoes.

Quickly & Easily Slip On Your Shoes In Seconds!

How To Replace Your Shoelace In Two Easy Steps

Step 1: Gently grab the silicone shoelace with your fingers, as close as possible to the eyelets. 

Step 2: Now pull the shoelace with constant force until it pops out of the eyelet. Repeat!

The silicone material is designed to be durable while remaining comfortable throughout each wear. The lace will not stretch out over time like traditional shoelaces do, meaning that it stays snug around your foot at all times without causing discomfort or pain during exercise or daily activities.

They’re easy to install - just replace the existing laces in your favorite pair of sneakers or running shoes and enjoy a hassle-free experience every time you put them on! 

Funky Toes No-tie Shoelaces enables you to:

- No longer waste time tying your shoes
- Use them on almost any type of shoe
- Ensure a consistent snug fit throughout your day and during your workouts
- Make your sneakers an insanely comfortable slip-on
- Provide a stylish addition to your shoe



I bought these for my vans old skools. I have always liked the look of laces tied this way but never could get used to them being shoved under my foot or cut off on the inside or whatever. I came across elastic shoelaces that were like normal ones just made of elastic and they didn’t work. Looked dumb and didn’t make the shoes easy to slip on. These are the best ever. They make old skools so much easier to put on, look awesome and I just love them. I’m now buying them for every pair of lace-up shoes I have. I will def buy again.

Bret H.

Useful, time-saving, comfortable

These no-tie elastics have been a lifesaver for my son, age 9. I use them for my adult sneakers. I have plenty of elastics left over if I need to replace any. These are a great time saver and very comfortable, easy on and off.



I put these in my Vans and my Converse and they are perfect. It was hard at first getting through the small eyelets of the Vans but after a few, it went faster. For my Converse, the eyelets are bigger and I didn't need any special tool to get them in.

Erika P.

Replacing ALL my old laces

Not to be dramatic, but these are life-changing— I’ve already bought 3 packs in different colors. I always buy Vans and then try to figure out how to lace them up and tuck the laces in so they can’t be seen. This is a MUCH easier way and they’re easier to clean than regular shoelaces too.

Lauren T.

Highly recommended

These are lifesavers!!! I was looking for new shoelaces for my son’s shoes and came across these. The instructions were very easy to follow. He was able to slip his shoes on and off with no issues. He doesn’t know how to tie his shoes yet but I highly recommend for anyone to turn any shoe into a slip-on.


Why Choose These Stylish No-tie Shoelaces

You can even wear them while exercising because they won’t come untied during your workout. 

They are made from silicone which means they are easy-to-clean and will last a long time without breaking or tearing apart as regular laces do.


Enjoy hassle-free slip-on style forever! It also makes putting on/taking off shoes easier for kids, as well as those who have trouble bending over due to injury or illness, the elderly, or those people with special needs. 

These laces will make any pair of sneakers look stylish whether you want a sleek look or something more colorful and fun!

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Have Questions? 

Q: Can they be used as regular shoelaces?

A: Yes, the same as regular shoelaces!

Q: How to remove the lace without breaking it?

A: They’re pretty flexible so you can remove them from the packaging and into the laces pretty easily. 


Q: How can I do to clean the elastic shoelaces if they get dirty?

A: You can simply wipe them off with soap and water.


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