Spotzie™ Premium Hair Curler

$74.95 $129.99 -43% OFF

Spotzie™ Premium Hair Curler

$74.95 $129.99 -43% OFF

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Helps you achieve perfect curls anytime, anywhere

Revolutionize the way you achieve those highly defined curls with the portable cordless automatic hair curler on the go! This is an easy-to-use hair styling product that you’ll absolutely fall in love with.

Intelligent Heat Control: The automatic hair curler has 6 adjustable temperatures and 6 timer settings, allowing you to create loose to tight curls and waves and avoid damaging your hair.

Multi-directional curl action: You can choose the curling direction according to your needs. Our hair curler has unique anti-scald design & automatic reverse rotation to help avoid any tangled hair problems.

Portable: The portable design is perfect for anyone who loves to travel. 5000mAh rechargeable battery provides extremely freedom to create your own hairstyle anytime.


  • Easy to Use & No Skill Required - Our hair curler is a perfect replacement for your traditional curling iron or curling wand. You can create beautiful curls or waves anytime and anywhere. Everyone can be a hair curling expert!
  • Long Working Time - With 5000mAh high battery capacity, our cordless hair curler can work up to 70 minutes. No worries about finding power supply anymore.
  • Multi-directional Curl Action - Choose the left or right curl action to style your hair in your desired direction to get your fabulous new look. If you put too much hair in the barrel, it will automatically stop and reverse the hair from getting tangled up.
  • Adjustable Temperature and Time: The cordless hair curler has 6 adjustable temperatures (150°C/300°F - 200°C/390°F) and 6 timer settings (8s-18s), allowing you to create loose to tight curls and waves and avoid damaging your hair.


  • It takes all the hassle out of curling hair so anyone can get the curls and waves they want
  • Let you achieve natural-looking, bouncy curls or tousled waves without stepping foot in a salon
  • Aside from being easy to use, it offers a natural, professional look without tangling the hair


Choose the temperature, curl direction (L/R) and setting time.

Comb your dry hair until there is no matting. And divide your hair into smaller sections, each no more than 0.4 inches wide.

Place the bottom of each section of your hair in the curler and press "START" to activate the curler and draw hair into the curling chamber. The automatic curling is complete when you hear a series of beeps.


Charging Time

4-5 hours

Max Temperature 200℃
Working Time 80 mins 180℃


  • 1x Mobile Hair Curler