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Brightly illuminate your work area with FusionMade LED Monitor Lamp. No more eye strain but more tasks ticked!

If you love to work at night, study at night, or play computer games at night, you need this to keep your eye vision clear and safe.

This revolutionary LED Monitor Lamp is designed to :

  • Ensure you work without stress or fatigue as it emits smoothly to avoid screen glare and direct exposure to your eyes

  • Illuminate your workspace as it brightens up your surroundings to keep working efficiently and easy during the night time!

  • Adjust in tone with your environment. Choose between the three color temperatures to sync the lighting with your most comfortable pick!

  • Make you work more efficiently at night because it helps to make your eyes feel at ease & not uncomfortable

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Place it directly on top of your screen and adjust the exact lighting you need when working, studying, or playing. FusionMade doesn’t flicker or glare at your screen to help your eyes from being damaged. 

Each of the three light modes highlights your workspace nicely so everything you need is in sight. Make use of it every hour in front of your computer without eye fatigue setting in. These modes improve your viewing experience for your everyday computer tasks, such as watching videos, making reports, research, surfing the net, and heaps more. 

Once you turn the button on, the monitor lamp resumes your last used brightness and color temperature settings.

FusionMade helps alleviate:

Eye Strain

Screen Glare

Long-term Eye Damage

Stress & Fatigue




This is a super addition to my workspace. I have it mounted on top of my iMac, which is located in a niche of my desk. There is about 1.5" clearance between the top of the iMac and the bottom of the shelf above it and the light fits in that space quite comfortably. I mounted the light control to the lower left corner of the iMac with double-backed tape for easy access. I especially like the warmer colot temperature when working at night. Also it has an FCC approval so no radio frequency interference. Highly recommended!

J. Smith

Perfect temperature match with my other desk lamp


I am a software developer working from home these days. I don’t like the ceiling light to be on while working since it is not focused to the area where I need it the most. I have a desk lamp with 2700K LED bulb and having it able to adjust the light temperature makes the lightning on my desk uniform.


Great budget-friendly screen light bar!


This screen light bar did not disappoint despite only costing a fraction of the name brand ones. it's easy to install, it has many settings (color: yellow, white, and combo & brightness) and easy to use with the remote. I have a 29" widescreen monitor and this works perfectly fine when turned on. It can also be easily tilted at different angles depending on where you want it to shine on the desk. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a budget friendly screen light bar. I may get another one for my laptop.


Better than my expectation, protect eyes


Once figure out how to mount it on the top of the monitor properly, this light is my best buy. I was using the lights of the ceiling fan and it hurts my vision when I looking at the monitor for a long time. My vision is recovered after use this light for about two weeks. no more astigmatism, so happy about getting this Monitor light.


Installs easily and works perfectly!


This might be the perfect desk light. It takes up zero space on my desk, it leaves zero glare on my iMac screen, and the controls to change the color temp and brightness are easy to use. I love this light! I'll be getting another one for my home iMac soon.


  • Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Why Choose FusionMade

This LED lamp gives enough light for your desk and keyboard while avoiding reflectively glare off your computer screen. The monitor lamp source releases a soft and average light without any flicker, which helps relieve eye fatigue.

The light is easy to install and has adjustable brightness. Since you can angle the light it works great for video/zoom calls too!

You can use any USB outlet to power this lamp, whether it is a computer USB port, a phone charger or a power bank. 

The clip design allows this monitor light sits on top of the computer stably, helping you save valuable space on your desk. Now, you can work, study, or play without worrying if you're damaging your eyes!

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  • Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Have Questions? We Have Answers

Is this LED monitor lamp flicker-free?

Yes, it emits soft and average light without any flicker while avoiding reflectively glare off computer screen, helping you relieve eye fatigue and protect eyes.

Will its clip damage my computer screen?

Our clip has a layer of rubber, which effectively pinned to the screen to prevent the screen bar lights from sliding, and also protects the computer from scratches. Please remove the protective film before using.

Can this lamp be reapplied to another computer monitor?

Yes, it can fit in most flat TVs and monitors


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