BabyCare - Hands-Free Baby Bottle

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BabyCare - Hands-Free Baby Bottle

$21.99 $42.99 -49% OFF

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The MOST CONVENIENT Way to Feed Your Baby. Hands-Free!

BabyCare Hands-Free Baby Bottle is the best product for busy mothers. It allows you to be able to do other things while feeding your child. You can feed your child in the car, on a plane, or anywhere else that you need to go and still have both of your hands, free!

This is why babycare is the perfect bottle for busy parents on the go!

✔️ Convenient for car rides and helps you rest or do other things 

✔️ Shape & Feel of natual breastfeeding

✔️ Prevents messy spills or leaks 

✔️Is anti-colic and anti-reflux 

✔️Durable, made of high-quality materials, and non-toxic to the human body

Why Choose

BabyCare  makes feeding time convenient and comfortable for you and your baby. With this hands-free bottle, you will now save time and be able to do other tasks while your baby is feeding. 



With the BabyCare bottle, your child can control the amount of fluid they ingest without over drinking. This results is less stomach pain


With its unique design, our baby bottle prevents air from entering into the bottle , helping your child intake their food while eliminating baby gas


This bottle gives your child the freedom of drinking their food by themselves, without you having to hold them for long period of time. The nipple is also specifically designed to feel and work as natural breastfeeding.

It helps you to feed your baby while in the car, in a rush or when you are busy with your baby siblings.

This baby bottle is also convenient when you are traveling. It can even prevent colic and gauze! Made of high-quality material and suitable for microwave oven and deep-freezer.

Truly, this product is a MUST-HAVE for all moms! 




Great investment parents especially for moms of multiples! When traveling these can be very convenient if you have someone in the backseat supervising also great for parents working from home. 


My wife and I were lucky enough to welcome our newborn to the world last week and as any new parent would we tried to find the best possible supplies out there. So far we are a big fan of this bottle and our little boy seems to love it as well. The hands-free feature is a lifesaver too!
Honestly the best baby bottle out there. I have bought so many bottles and they either broke or my baby started showing disliking them. For this hands-free bottle, I  love it, my child loves it and I very much recommend it for the mothers out there.

Try BabyCare Hands-Free Baby Bottle 100% Risk-Free

We have an iron-clad risk-free guarantee. If BabyCare Hands-Free Baby Bottle is not helpful for you or you are not satisfied with it for any reason, you can send it back in 30 days and we’ll definitely provide a full refund.


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Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Q: How many ounces can the bottle hold

A: The bottle can hold up to 8oz (250mL)

Q: Can I put this product in the fridge or microwave?

A: Yes! This Hands-free Bottle is suitable for microwave oven and deep-freezer (in case you need to cool down or warm up the milk.)

Q: For what ages is this bottle made for?

A: BabyCare Baby Bottle is suitable for all ages. The tip is made to benefit children of all ages as long as they are still bottle feeding.


Shipping & Handling

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