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This is THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION to Reach Your Car Roof EASILY!

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  4.7 / 4,376 reviews

HandyWorks Car Step Tool is a loading essential designed to be the PERFECT TOOL in reaching your car roof WITH EASE. 

While reaching the roof of your car, you will also FEEL SAFE with this very helpful tool!

This innovative HandyWorks Car Step Tool is designed to:

  • Make loading, unloading, and cleaning the roof of your car a BREEZE. You just need to simply hang it on your vehicle frame lock and you can then step on it to reach your car roof.

  • Fit with all sizes of feet and is compatible with ALL kinds of SUV, RV, Jeep, Truck, Van, or Off-road car in both front and rear doors.

  • Keep you safe while stepping on it because its strong material is proven by many to be SO DURABLE and STURDY.

  • 100% handy & convenient - it can be folded to 90 degrees making it portable.

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How To Set Up HandyWorks 

Now you can bring the heat whereever you are

With HandyWorks Car Step Tool’s innovative design, you just need to hang it or hook it directly on the door frame lock of your car to install it. 


You can then step on this secure and reliable loading essential to access your car roof easily. 


This very useful tool can beused for your outdoor activities such as kayaking and biking, for cleaning your cars, and for traveling. 


It can also be used as an:

- Anti-slip device for tire

- Emergency window breaker

- Seatbelt cutter



Why This Car Step is a Must-Have

Do you have a hard time reaching your car roof? Are you tired of having to ask for help when cleaning your car or doing other activities that require reaching the top of your vehicle?

You don’t need to worry anymore. With this handy tool, you can reach the top of any vehicle with ease!

The Handy Car Step Tool is an essential item for everyone. It comes with an innovative design and it’s very easy to use. 

This tool will make loading/unloading your things easier and faster than ever before!

Plus, it has multiple uses and is a very convenient tool that can be folded so you can take it everywhere with no hassle at all!

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Have Questions?

How much weight can this hold?

The weight limit of the Car Step Tool is 400 lbs.

Will this fit a Cadillac XT5?

Yes, it will. This step has a universal fit for all vehicles in both front and rear doors.. 

Can this be used on the sliding door of a honda odyssey minivan? 

This is designed to hook on to a vehicle's U-shaped door latch. As long as there is a U-shaped latch to hook on to and the doorstep sits squarely, it should work.

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