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Boxing Reflex Training
Boxing Reflex Training

Boxing Reflex Training

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Introducing the newest revolution in exercise - the Boxing Speed Ball.

The ball consists of a rubber ball that is connected to your waist strap using an elastic string. The harder to hit the ball, the faster it comes back and is perfect for boxing training and increasing your speed and reflexes. Simply hit and move and the ball will come back to you so that you can hit it again and move.

Exercising is good for your body and mind but a lot of us do not like training at a gym or boxing club and this device lets you get the perfect workout at home.

It's suitable for all combat sports so it's not just boxing that you can use it for. If you train for MMA, Combat, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Lethwei, Burmese or any other combat sport then this is the device for you!

They're available in kids, youths and adults sizes so why don't you buy one for all of the family and have fun when training together!

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